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Rise from the Ashes

and make this the year you reclaim your fire!


Even if

You can’t remember the last time you followed through on a commitment to yourself.

Even if

You’ve never make it past March in a journal.

Even if

Life is so chaotic you can’t even see past next Tuesday.

Sit with me by the fire… let’s talk about your future…

I’m totally in love! I’m always on the lookout for the ultimate in diaries, day-planners or organisation systems. This Christmas, while I’m still looking at what’s available on the market (because ooooh shiny, pretty things that promise organisation are so great for procrastinating!) everything I look at pales in comparison because, for the first time ever, I’ve found a system that actually works for me.”

El Edwards


This is a fantastic tool for everyone and in particular for procrastinators or those who are easily distracted! Here are spaces for you to design your dreams, captured into goals, turned into plans and actions for you to tick or cross. Daily lists, reminders and nudges to help you achieve more than you can possibly imagine!”

Gail Walshe

Gail Walshe


1Avoiding your To Do list with back to back Netflix binges and doom-scrolling Facebook never feels good the next morning.


2Self care is more than just taking time for bubble baths and remembering your daily affirmations.


3Watching your life slip past year after year without ever feeling like you’ve achieved anything will slowly kill your spirit and eat your soul.

Join the FIRE Circle

When was the last time you had a FIRE moment?

A “F@#!, I‘m Really Excited” moment?

The kind you never share because your ambition is *so* big, (or maybe you just keep that kind of language inside your head 😉)

We believe

we are who we are because of each other, and so we all need you to have more FIRE in your life.

Our non-negotiables

Love should drive all things.
Black lives matter. (And trans lives, and disabled lives.)
System change not climate change.

We are

highly skilled
woo adjacent

on a mission

to tick off 1 million goals that make the world a better place, for individuals, for families, for communities and for the planet.

Mythix Planner™

The Mythix Planner™ helps chronic procrastinators and over planners get their One Day goals onto their To Do list today