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Get ready to Rise from the ashes

and make this the year you reclaim your fire!

Nod your head if any of these apply…

  • You’re done with waking up year on year, seeing your One Day goals as far away as ever
  • You’re worn out, feeling ashamed for not following through on things you said you’d do (even though you really wanted to do them)
  • You’re constantly busy but never get anything done
  • You’re forever procrastinating about the things you really should be doing
  • You’re secretly in mourning for all the beautiful planner/journal/diaries you’ve purchased over the years, but never stick with beyond about 8 weeks
  • You’re profoundly uncomfortable with the ‘it’s all about me’ attitude that seems to permeate the self-improvement world right now.

I hear you and it doesn’t have to be this way!

2020 has stripped away our illusions of control and made us take a long, hard 3am look in the mirror at how we’re living our lives.

A whopping 88% of us don’t want to go back to pre-covid normal.

It is time to create something new.

Hi, I’m Siân

Mother of boys, wife, business owner, crazy ideas person, recovering chronic-procrastinator and over-planner.

I spent most of my life feeling like a failure and a let down. With the exception of a few shining contradictions, I could not get my shit together to do the things that mattered to me.

I tried everything – diaries, planners, reminders on my phone, ‘public accountability’ (yay for more shame!), every To Do app on the market, PostIts by the kettle, even writing on my hand! (TBF – that one is generally fairly effective, but it’s not exactly a professional look.)

Something had to change.

Photograph of Siân Harris, founder of One Red Sock

Introducing the Mythix Planner™

Born from an obsession with planners, planning systems, habits and behaviour hacks. I looked at them all. I spent weeks pouring over layouts, analysing what worked and what was just fluff, and why. I developed a system of planners that finally got me moving. I shared them with others who loved them and saw similar results.

Then I discovered the turbo-charging power of neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy and what started as a system to get stuff done became a process that heals the mind. I call it the Phoenix Praxis™.

Now, freshly updated for a covid-world, with all the flexibility and sensitivity to the unknown that that calls for, The Mythix Planner™ helps you figure out what you want, gives you the space to plan when you choose to do it, and the energy shift you need to be excited that you get to do it.


Figure out what you really want to do, why you want to do it, and how it fits in with everything else in your life.


So much of what we achieve boils down to our habits – which are the easiest things in the world to form, when you know how.



Set yourself up for success with priority tasks and ‘nice to do’s – and always know the difference.



Knowing what you want to do will only get you half way there. You need to know in your bones when you’re going to do it.


Accountability is hard baked in with light-touch reviews that encourage and empower you. It’s like gamification, but for grown ups.


A private community, for sense-checking, accountability, support and pompom waving when things are tough or become magical!



Undated, un-day-ed, start, stop, switch around – do whatever works for you. Flexible enough for shift working, atypical work/life patterns

Big picture

Week-to-view, month-to-view, year-to-view, and One Day pages.


Fine detail

Double-page daily spreads for granular planning.



Track anything – habits, mood, hydration, how often you make your kids laugh – anything!


Daily, weekly, quarterly and six-monthly reviews to inform and inspire.


Examine your goals, habits, motivations and tendencies for fail-proof success.

Ready to Rise?

What People Are Saying

NB: Previous versions of the Mythix Planner were called the Perfect Planner (PP).

“In just 90 days of using your Mythix Planner™, you will have a new understanding of your goals, your priorities, and your time. The clarity of vision this process brings is startling and will transform your life.”

Siân Harris, Creator of the Mythix Planner™

This All Sounds Great But…

I work odd shifts. Will it work for me?

Yes. It’s undated and un-day-ed so you can stop and start at any point of the week, switch around, move rest days, do whatever you need. It’s your life and your planner should support it – not make you feel like an afterthought because you don’t do a ‘regular’ 9-5.

I hate forcing myself into a schedule. Will it work for me?

Yes. Just because you don’t have a schedule doesn’t mean you don’t have stuff to do. Being undated and un-day-ed, you can stop and start at any point, switch things around, do whatever you need. You have complete flexibility to use just months, weeks or days or any combination you like. The only restriction is that there are only 3 activity sections in a day – because sleep is a thing that makes everything else better. But you can set the length of the sections, how much you do in them, and when in a 24 hour period they are.

Can I use it to manage my work/business/kids?


Your life is rich and complex and so it jolly well should be. Your planner should support that, not force you to concentrate on only one aspect of you. Use the ‘-to-view’ sections to keep a track of everything that’s going on and help you maintain balance. Use the trackers for anything – how often you post on social media, change your bed sheets or make your kids belly laugh. Whatever is important to your life can and should be in this planner.

How is this a 'self-coaching' tool?

Working through the process described in the planner will give you a greater understanding of what you want to do, what you actually do, and what you consistently avoid or post-pone doing. It gives you regular opportunities to reflect and evaluate, so you’ll get super clear on what’s important to you, where you’re succeeding and where things aren’t going quite as you hoped. You’ll naturally discover insights into what supports you and what throws you off balance. Regular use will gently help you reframe your language and thoughts, so you gain a better understanding of your priorities and your motivations. With that knowledge, you can move forward and make better plans, that are more in tune with your values and resources. This is how you move your vision of your One Day goal onto your to do list, and that is how you get to tick it off as done.

I don't have any big life goals

That’s fine. You can use this to keep track of the day-to-day stuff just as easily as the big piece work.

I never followed through on anything. Will this work for me?

There are no magic wands, hon. But if you follow the process, if you really want to do the things you say you want to do, this will help you. We also have a small but super supportive private community over on Slack, and I cannot recommend strongly enough that you join it. Once you buy the planner, you’ll have access to additional secret channels, with regular reminders and prompts to keep you on track. You can do hard things. We will help you.

What do I need to print it?

You will need

  • A printer. Laserjet is fab, inkjet is fine. You can get it done at a copy shop if that’s better.
  • Good quality paper. Choose paper you’ll enjoy writing on and that doesn’t let your pen bleed through to the other side. I love 120 gsm. I also love mixing up the colours and printing different sections on different colours. Cream + kraft is a great combo, but nothing beats pure brilliant white. If you’re getting it printed at a copy shop, make sure they use the good stuff.
  • A way to cut your pages. I use a blade and a cutting mat, because that’s what I have. One day I’ll get a guillotine. Maybe.
  • A way to fold your pages. When I’m feeling pernickety I use a bone folder. Most of the time I just fold them.
  • A way to seal your pockets. Washi tape is pretty and can double as a section marker. You probably already have sellotape.
  • A way to bind it all together. Whether you use a hole punch for a folder or a filofax, or the disk-binder system – this will work for them all. So use whatever works for you
What size is it?

It’s all laid up on an A4 sheet, so once it’s chopped up and folded over, it’s A5 (plus a tiny over edge for the folded pages).

If you’re going to print to letter-sized paper, print a couple of pages first to make sure you’ve got the settings right for the conversion. (Maybe stretch to fit, maybe exact size, depending on your printer.)

There are marks to suggest where to punch your holes, but it’ll depend on your binder. Turns out, A5 binders don’t have a standard fixing around the world. Colour me surprised. So use them as a guide, and make sure they’re in the right place before you punch all the pages. (Yes. Yes. I learnt this lesson the hard way.)

Anything else you recommend?

The beauty of this system is how flexible it is. Everyone uses it slightly differently. 

I have 3 binders, one for blank pages to use, one that goes everywhere with me with this week’s info in it, and one to collect used pages for reviews. Once I’ve completed a review, I ditch the individual daily/weekly pages, keep the reviews and build a body of reviews and pockets for the year. Super simple to find bits and pieces and receipts, and for a quick reminder of how I’ve done when it comes to the next review. 

I encourage you to play with it, figure out what works for you and share that in the community or over social media to inspire others. 

What do I actually get?
Access to professionally designed pdfs, that you can print yourself at home. They’re for personal use only. I’d be delighted to chat if you want to buy in bulk for a team or for your clients.
Do I have to print it?

Nope. For my digital planners, I know it works on the ReMarkable tablet because a lovely customer has told me she’s using it that way, I’m currently testing it in other apps to double check functionality… I’ll update this when I have some solid apps to recommend.

What’s in the box?

Preparing to Rise

  • Year Planner
  • Setting Goals and Forming Habits
  • Goal Sheets
  • Habit Trackers


  • Marvelous Months
  • Wonderful Weeks
  • Delightful Days
  • Today Bookmarks


  • 30 Delightful Days
  • 13 Wonderful Weeks
  • 6 Marvelous Months

Mythix Planner™

The Mythix Planner™ helps chronic procrastinators and over planners get their One Day goals onto their To Do list today