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I designed the Perfect Planners system a few years ago, but last year gave them a radical overhaul and launched them as a stand alone brand.

One of the key features of the planners was their ‘hackability’.

Practical considerations. Cost and availability of packaging, postage, etc

Secure e-commerce. I’m a stickler for compliance, and terrified at the prospect of someone’s data being stolen while they transact on my website.

Everything as environmentally friendly as possible.

Cart66 and Stripe integration provide rock-solid security and PCI compliance for the shopping cart and payment gateway, while giving me the flexibility to offer one-off sales and ongoing subscription charging.

The Planners are building a small but loyal following.  I have plans for a wider launch and an exciting Kickstarter campaign later this year, to enable me to offer production on a wider scale (and – with luck – even exports!)

 How was it?

It’s not really right for me to give myself a testimonial, so here’s one from a Perfect Planners client, about the branding and website (and the Planners themselves).

Curious about what we could do together?

Or interested in a white-label version of  the Planners?

Call me now on 07725 697909 or send me an email using the form to the right. We’ll talk about your business, your ambitions and challenges, and see if we’re a good fit.


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