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Orde Saunders is a hugely talented contract front end developer, who’s work is much in demand. Not long after launching his company, Decade City, he recognised he wanted to review the ‘voice’ of his brand, to make sure it connected with his readers, was internally consistent, and also reflected him as consultant.

With a small but steadily growing back-catalogue of blog posts under his belt, Orde wanted to hone his writing style and have a set of guidelines for the future. He wanted a review of what he’d written so far, and an objective, professional opinion of where he needed to tighten up, and where he could afford to cut a little more loose. He was looking for guidelines that would help him edit his copy himself (always a tricky task), with the confidence and consistency of quality he brings to his consultancy work.

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I completed a full review of the posts on the Decade City blog, and produced a report looking at style, tone, voice and point of view, along with editorial commentary notes. This highlighted the main threads of Orde’s writing style, and made it very easy to spot where his core writing personality lay. With a rare talent for writing about complex technical concepts in plain English, and a beautifully delicate touch of snark, it’s joy to read his work. I identified recurring issues and…

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