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Mythix Christmas Planner


         the Jim-Jam Plan-Jam Party Replay!

The Printables

The Christmas Planner

Updated for Covid. Including:

  • Adventures in Advent
  • Brilliant Budgeting
  • Excellent Events
  • Fabulous Food
  • Gifts & Gratitude
  • Hospitable Home
  • Terrific Travels
  • and more!

Organised, printable pdfs, complete with instructions, in a Google Drive folder for your convenience.

The Video

The Jim-Jam Plan-Jam Party Replay!

In which we cover

  • the one thing that takes less than 3 seconds but will improve your Covid-Christmas by roughly 13 DOZEN mince pies
  • the big mystery behind creating a joyful, connected, restorative Christmas, and why knowing this is imperative to get through Christmas this year – even if we’re distanced and isolated
  • the one thing that stops you being able to do what matters to you in the holidays, and how others use this very thing to switch off, relax and have fun!

The Next Level

The Mythix Planner™: Printable Version

Rise from the ashes of 2020 and make 2021 the year you get your One Day goals onto today’s To Do list. Take a look at the the pages inside the Mythix Planner™, the astonishingly simple, fail-proof strategy to follow through on your goals, that comes straight from neuroscience, that most people have no idea even exists.

  • Updated for Covid (and any other surprises) – flexible by design
  • Easy to navigate – organised pdfs and full printer instructions
  • Kind to frugal printers – black only files
Preview gif of some of the layouts in the Mythix Planner™ Printables edition